About me

Nice to meet you

I am passionate about creating detailed and stylised patterns, using flora and fauna as my inspiration. I’m lucky to live in a beautiful area where I can walk in the countryside and will always find subjects to sketch.

I work from my home office but whenever I’m out and about I have a sketchbook and pencils with me. I love trying out new art materials but always go back to gouache and watercolour.

When I’m not creating art, I’m spending time with my family, paddle-boarding on the lovely old canals around me and making my own clothes.

If you would like to license any of my artwork or collaborate, please contact me at Kate@calamitykatiedesigns.com

A few words about

My Process

I usually begin my pattern-making process with an inked sketch which I then scan into my computer. I then digitise and vectorise my artwork in Adobe Illustrator before manipulating the motifs into a playful pattern! I’m always happy to share my workflow, so please get in touch if you have any questions.